Koalas land at St.Giles

Woolworths teams powerful fundraising has purchased two Koalas – the very latest in powered toddler
mobility equipment – which will be available state-wide from St. Giles.

St.Giles Director of Operations, Trent McHugh, Riverside Woolworths assistant manager Susan Summers and manager Wes Poulden and St.Giles Focus AT manager Ailsa Leslie with the two Koalas.

The Australian-made Koalas, each costing more than $19,000 are the first fruits from a three year fundraising partnership with Woolworthas. The powered wheelchairs provide a high degree of mobility, allowing toddlers to move and play with their siblings and peers.

The Koalas will be put to work as therapy tools for toddlers with conditions like cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and other mobility limiting conditions.

A spokesman for Woolworths said customers can continue to support St. Giles with donations at any store in Tasmania throughout the year.

The next fundraising campaign starts Wednesday October 5 with $2 wall tokens available to purchase, by donations at any register and a round up option on the assisted checkouts.

St. Giles Director of Operations, Trent McHugh said:
“Philanthropy has built St. Giles into a place known for its excellence and while the NDIS covers the hourly rate of therapy staff, it does not purchase equipment, pay for spaces like sensory rooms, or even the most basic of toys used by our teams in therapeutic play. The commitment by Woolworths to direct its enormous fundraising power in Tasmania to St. Giles will produce ongoing benefit to many children living with many forms of disability.’’