Our History

St.Giles was established in response to a global health crisis – the 1937 polio pandemic – which left hundreds of Tasmanian children disabled and cost many lives.

Our services grew out of necessity and with a sense of urgency.

The community named us St.Giles –  after the patron saint of the disabled.  The citizens of Northern Tasmania raised 10,000 pounds in just six months and St.Giles was born.

The original St.Giles `home’, a farmhouse and orchard on Amy Road, is long gone.

Today we are dynamic, statewide service – Hobart – Launceston – Burnie – Outreach

Each year our teams use their expertise and provide hope to thousands of children and adults.

Not all who use our services are disabled.

We’ve let our teams spread their wings and we have diversified.

We are recognised as leaders in early childhood behaviour intervention programs.

We are leaders in Autism services.

We have a national reputation for innovation and excellence in paediatric allied health services.

We offer some of the cleverest and smartest solutions in assistive technology and mobility engineering.

Our teams of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, speech pathologists, psychologists, clinical care and disability support workers are regarded as among the very best in their fields.