Cover Story: Key Worker Therapy Model

St.Giles key worker therapy model is giving our teams the chance to build therapeutic outcomes for children with developmental delays or disability.

The model brings trans-disciplinary teams together, co-ordinated through a single point of contact – the key worker – to benefit the child.

“It’s about establishing a trusting relationship and co-ordinating what used to be disparate services,” St.Giles manager Allied Health, Nadine Davies said.

Focusing on the early years 0-6, our Early Intervention team works collaboratively with young children and their families, providing support to parents and caregivers of young kids living with disability or developmental delay.

Families are connected to a Key Worker, a contemporary model of Allied Health delivery that involves your family being supported by key one professional who are a part of a collaborative transdisciplinary team of professionals.

Our school age focus for children aged 7-18 is about supporting them through the variety of challenges associated with school, community, and life. Therapy is provided in blocks that often mirror school terms, with a focus on achieving intervention or consolidation based goals.

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