Flinders Island Makers Coming to Niche!

The work of nine Flinders Island artisans will be on sale in Launceston for the first time ever at the November 30, Niche Market at the Albert Hall.

The group’s work includes driftwood sculptures, beach rope wreaths, timber hanging shelves, wallaby leather products, hand painted cards, woven baskets, Killiecrankie diamond jewellery, recycled fabric bags and crocheted nautilus shells

“Living on beautiful but remote and isolated Flinders Island has its challenges, but it also means living with the beauty and power of nature,’’ maker Laurie Parr said.

“It encourages resourcefulness, ingenuity and creativity among our Community. Without many of the distractions of the city – shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants – we use our spare time to make our own fun and express our creativity,’’ she said.

The group will fly from Flinders next Thursday (Nov 28)  to set up at the Albert Hall where they will be among 70 makers from across Tasmania next Saturday.

The Niche Market, is a premium Tasmanian designed and made social enterprise which funds children living with disability at StGiles.

The group has been co-ordinated by Flinders Island local Vicki Warden in close consultation with Niche manager Victoria Bayes.

“We both knew that there were many creatives on Flinders who could benefit from being part of Niche,’’ Mrs Bayes said.

Mrs Warden said: “our island is home to many artisans who are inspired by the natural beauty of the environment and the wildlife. Creating from found and recycled objects is a common theme across our artisans. Being so isolated we can’t pop down to the local craft shop or hardware store to buy the bits and pieces we need to create. We utilise what’s around us – the land, the beach and the local tip are our shopping ground and our inspiration.’’

The group’s mainland adventure has been supported by: Sharp Airlines | Furneaux Community Arts | The Purple Swamphen | Flinders Council

From left: Laurie Parr, Vicki Warden and Dale Wells