Helping Children with Autism

StGiles is a respected Tasmanian provider and is registered for services through Helping Children with Autism.

In Burnie, StGiles operates the Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Centre for children on the Autism spectrum. The ASELCC operates a hub and spoke model where the service is based in Burnie and satellite services are based in surrounding regional locations.

Elsewhere our specialist teams are comprised of Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists and Psychologists.

Occupational Therapists support the development of play, learning, sensory, fine motor and self care skills and specialist equipment to promote independence including assistive technology items for learning, communication and mobility.

Speech Pathologists assist children with complex developmental needs, communication difficulties, social skills, feeding difficulties and assistive technology to support communication and learning.

Psychologists provide support and therapeutic intervention for children and their parents to assist in developing social and play skills, reducing anxiety and improving understanding of behavioural expectations and instructions.

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