Development Assessment Team

Developmental Assessment Team (DAT) consists of professionals from Psychology, Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy Services we aim to help you as parents/carers and other people involved with your child, understand your child’s strengths, challenges and learning style, so that you can best support your child’s ongoing learning, social and emotional development.

DAT offer cognitive/developmental assessments, multi-disciplinary diagnostic assessments and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnostic assessments.

A Psychologist looks at gaining an understanding of your child’s learning ability and adaptive behaviours. These are day-to-day personal and social activities that help them get along with others and foster independence.

A Speech Pathologist looks at gaining an understanding of your child’s communication skills in relation to their understanding of spoken and nonverbal language; how they use their spoken and non-verbal language to interact and how their communication affects their behaviour.

An Occupational Therapist looks at your child’s play, fine motor skills and how we make sense of learning from what we hear, see and touch. This is called sensory processing and affects how you child learns and behaves.

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