Continence Clinic – Wee Right Poo Too

StGiles has established Tasmania-wide continence clinic called Wee Right Poo Too, to give Tasmanians of any age the information and skills they need to manage one of the most common problems that we just don’t talk about.

StGiles clinical nurse educators Elisha Deegan and Nadene MacIntosh are accredited by the Continence Foundation’s Graduate Certificate in Continence Promotion and Management.


Now, they are keen to spread the word. The pair promote their mobile clinic wearing yellow and brown tutus. They have a repertoire of ‘clean’ poo and wee jokes, even a jingle.

“We want to help people reclaim their dignity and freedom, but we’ve found humour works wonders, especially with children” Ms Deegan said.

The pair developed the program as part of their work at StGiles.

“When we learned that people have to travel to Hobart for continence support we decided to find a way to get qualified and create a bit of a travelling poo and wee roadshow,” Ms Deegan said.

The pair is qualified to help people of any age with continence education and the always-evolving range of products and devices.

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Did you know?

5 million Australians are affected by incontinence. Incontinence affects men,  women and children up to the age of 65 and backgrounds It can be treated and in many cases cured.