Behaviour Therapy & Interventions: Children

At StGiles our Behaviour Therapy and Interventions team comes with extensive experience in education, child development, parenting and child/parent relationships.

Our Behaviour Therapy and Interventions Professionals are located at our Launceston centre and work to coach families to build strong emotional foundations, strengthen relationships and maximise your child’s development.

Our professionals work very closely with the family nucleus to provide solutions focused, strength-based family centred, approaches that inspire and empower families who have concerns about their child’s behaviour. As such, families are valued as the expert on their child, and coached to explore their own ideas as well as consider alternatives and options.

We recognise this is not an easy process and like to work side by side with families focussing on strengthening relationships, strength emphasising positive values and each family’s unique personality, values and attributes.

StGiles offers Behaviour Therapy and Interventions services to clients with Helping Children with Autism (HCWA) funding, a current NDIS plan or who are able to self-fund these appointments.

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