Camps / Short-term Accommodation Services

StGiles has a diverse range of respite services. Please ask how we can work to suit your needs.

Transitional respite

is designed for adolescents and young adults up to the age of 24 years. Skill development and transitioning into adult accommodation options are the focus for this service.

StGiles staff can implement plans and provide basic assessment on the ongoing support needs of individuals accessing this service. Funding for this service comes through NDIA individual support plans.

In-home flexible respite

is provided to individuals in their own home. StGiles acknowledges that centre-based respite does not meet every person’s needs, and respite at home or in alternative accommodation options may at times be best for the individual. Flexible respite can be provided in small blocks of support, or as overnight support. Funding for flexible respite is provide to individuals through their NDIA plan.

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