Accommodation for People Living with a Disability

Live your life in your home

StGiles provides a variety of accommodation options for people living with disability. The shared home support models for adults, enables individuals to live as independently as possible through inclusion in household activities and tasks, independence with decision making, and choice in participation.

Vacancies for the current shared home models are filled through the Gateway service, however, StGiles supports and identifies innovative models of service delivery through other agencies such as the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA). A StGiles representative can meet with you to discuss your current and future accommodation needs, and assist you to access the service that will enable these needs to be acknowledged or met.

StGiles support workers are trained to the highest levels and have experience working with people with disabilities.

StGiles promotes an independent community lifestyle where we help people engage in life how they choose.

StGiles’ Accommodation Support

  • Access to 24-hour personal support
  • Choice of Leisure and Inclusion activities
  • Health and well-being support
  • Individualised plans for your life goals
  • Support to participate in community where and when you choose
  • Fully accessible
  • Life skills training
  • Fully secure

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