Home and Community Services

StGiles offers the following Community Based support, Supported Independent Living , and Respite Services. Contact us today to find out more about our programs.

Community Based Support

No matter what your interests, StGiles can tailor a home support, social and recreation, and leisure program to suit your needs. Our community based support service can provide opportunities to become more independent in your own home, engage in social activities, and cultural events such as art, music, and sport, or to develop new skill or experiences that are meaningful to you.

Our support professionals will support you to get connected, be connected and stay connected with people, services and events to meet your
goals. These goals can consist of:

  • Being part of the community you live in
  • Engaging in further education
  • Gaining work readiness skills or experience
  • Developing skills to increase your independence
  • Catching public transport
  • Budgeting and shopping

Your StGiles options can be provided on an individual basis or as part of a group.

We can support you to find other people who share common interests and goals to help maximise your experience in activities that are meaningful to you.

Community based support is all about you. At StGiles, we want to help you determine what it is you want to achieve, how you want to achieve it, and who you want to achieve it with.

Supported Independent Living

Our Supported Independent Living options provide opportunities for you to live with people you feel comfortable with, in an environment your feel safe in, and in a way that is respectful and meaningful to you.

It is a great way to learn to live by yourself or with other people with access to friendly and qualified Support Professionals.

Our staff will support and empower you to be as independent as possible in an environment that promotes life skills learning and development.

The focus of our Supported Independent Living is based on choice and control, person-centred supports and active support.

The model of Supported Independent Living works on a 24/7
rostered basis.

The level of support is dependent on the need with some houses operating with waking night shifts and others with a sleep shift. Your NDIS plan will determine the level of support that you need and the model that would benefit you the most.

Our Client and Family Services Team will work with you and your flatmates to work out how to set house rules, how to live together, and how to take care of the household finances. We want you and your housemates to be in control of how your house functions.

Respite Services

With the introduction of the NDIS, StGiles needed to think outside the square and be creative with how we deliver Respite services.

Today, St Giles does not offer traditional centre based respite services.

Instead, StGiles offers farm-stay camps, holiday accommodation camps and actual camp experiences.

Our camps (short-term accommodation respite) are not based on the traditional rostered support model.

Instead, a support professional from StGiles will stay with your child from the time they leave home until they return. This provides continuity of support for your child and the staff supporting them.

Our Farm-stay camps enable children to interact and feed animals, participate in recreational options in both rural and semi-rural settings and experience a range of outdoor activities.

Holiday accommodation camps provide opportunities for children to experience other parts of Tasmania with a focus on fun and functional activities.

We spend time matching our camp participants to ensure that children have opportunities to engage, develop relationships and increase their social skills through play.

Camps are tailored for each group taking in to consideration special needs and dietary requirements.

Camps are a great way to explore, experience and engage with people, place and opportunities.