Management & Administration

Our Manager at the ASELCC, Kathryn Fordyce, is a qualified Speech and Language Pathologist who has specialised in the field of autism for more than 15 years.  As well as providing assessment and therapy for children and adults with ASD, she has created training packages for organisations such as Positive Partnerships. As Manager, she oversees every aspect of the ASELCC program from Intake to Exit.

Kathryn is supported by a small team of administration support employees to ensure the smooth running of our service, and assist with the preparation of visual supports.

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Early Childhood Education Teachers

ASELCC’s Early Childhood Education Teachers work with the National Early Years Learning Framework to ensure all children have access to age appropriate curriculum while ensuring that the child’s individual needs are met.

In addition, certain teachers run individual programs (such as the ASELCC’s Bee Me Program – an intensive fee for service autism specific program at Malanagenna) and act as the key support to staff in our Satellite Centres.

Our teachers and allied health team at ASELCC work as the key workers for families. 

This role involves transdisciplinary team work where the staff work across disciplines to deliver support to families and children but will draw on the expertise of their colleagues when needed. 

Allied Health Team

Our ASELCC Allied Health Team  consists of Speech Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, and Social Workers. 

The allied health team bring knowledge and skills that assist in developing skills in children with autism. This team is involved in the assessment of the child and family in order to provide individualised support to meet each child and family’s goals.

Speech Pathologists

particularly have skills with language, communication, social skills and eating.

Occupational Therapists

can assist with daily living skills, motor skills, play and sensory processing.

Social Workers

can help to ensure the needs of the whole family are met and that families are connected to necessary supports and services. 


Our Educators provide learning experiences for each of our children, working with curriculum and individual goals to make sure that every child has many opportunities for learning and fun.

All our Room Leaders hold a Diploma of Children’s Services and are responsible with the room’s early childhood teacher/s for the development and delivery of the early intervention program. Our other educators assist the room leaders and early childhood teachers to implement the early intervention program.

All educators have completed additional training in working with children in Autism. We aim to have these staff work on set days and in set groups to maintain consistency for children at the centre.

Our educators are available to deliver early intervention programs in the homes, schools, childcare services and other locations under the guidance of our ASELCC Therapy Plus team.