Be Involved

There are many ways that we would like you to be involved with your child’s enrolment as ASELCC, regardless of which centre they attend.

Involvement in the program (Burnie)

You are welcome to stay at the ASELCC Burnie Centre during your child’s program.

You can visit for as long or as often as you wish. At times, staff may need to discuss with you if your involvement in the program if it is affecting the learning of your child or the other children.


Educa is our secure online communication system that provides families (and a child’s greater support team) with information about the child’s participation in the ASELCC program.

Parents are encouraged to make comments and upload stories, photos and videos.  We encourage you to add extended family, therapists, ECIS, school staff to have access to your child’s Educa profile so that everyone can be “on the same page”.

Educa provides the ASELCC staff with the ability to upload individual stories about your child or to include your child in group stories with other children, with your consent.

Key Worker

Your key worker is available to meet with you at any time to talk about your child or family’s needs.

Your key worker can arrange for you to meet with other members of the team to discuss strategies to support your child’s learning and development.


We regularly update our Facebook page –  ‘like’ us and receive our updates.

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Parent Training

We run parent training sessions regarding all aspects of Autism Spectrum Disorder at the ASELCC Burnie Hub (and on request in Devonport and

Please ask for our latest flyer if you are interested in attending sessions.

Parent and Sibling Support Groups

Our Social Worker can direct you to support groups for parents and siblings across the region.

Please discuss with them if you would like any further information.

On occasions our Social Worker may run particular activities or events for parents or siblings. These will be advertised through Educa, Facebook and notices at the centre.

Observations and Intervention Training

If you would like to observe our staff working with your child to implement particular supports or strategies, please talk to you key worker to set up a time.

Parents can find it very beneficial to watch how a particular goal is being targeted, and to observe strategies being used with their child.

We can also set up one-to-one intervention training sessions with any of our health professionals, please just ask your key worker to set up an appointment.

Home Visits

Sometimes families benefit from home-visits from the ASELCC staff to assist in generalising strategies used at the centre to their homes.

The centre has limited capacity to conduct repeated home visits but if more home visits are required you could use other funding sources such as the Helping Children with Autism funding or National Disability Insurance Scheme funding.

Please talk to the Autism Centre Manager or your child’s key worker to find out more about these services.

Parent Room and Library

The ASELCC has a parent room in Burnie that is available for parents at any time during opening hours and coffee facilities are available. The room houses the centre’s parent library and other information that may assist you.

The centre holds a larger library in the staff resource room so if you are after a particular book (or a book on a particular topic) speak with your key worker or another member of staff.

Families whose children attend the satellite centres are able to use the parent room when visiting Burnie or can request to borrow books from their key worker.

Centre and Community Events

The ASELCC regularly schedules a number of events throughout the year.

Families are welcome to attend but it is suggested that you discuss this with your key worker or room leader so that your child can be prepared for this change in your usual routine (if required).


The Burnie centre often needs help to locate and make resources for the centre.

We often need books covered or sewing tasks completed. If you have some spare time when you are at the Burnie centre, please talk to our Administration support staff.

We are also keen to share the skills of our families with the children so if you have any particular skill or area expertise (e.g. gardening, musical instrument, and craft) that could be shared with the children, please let us know.


Please feel free to share any feedback, positive or negative, by emailing or calling the Centre Manager, Kathryn on 6454 1222.

Contact ASELCC

There is also a Suggestions Box located in the foyer of the Burnie Centre.