Assessment Report & Individual Plan

After the conclusion of the assessments with you and your child, our staff will prepare an assessment report for you.

Your key worker will talk with you about this assessment report to give you a chance to seek any clarification. You are free to give this report to any one you choose or you can sign a consent form to allow us to send it to people you choose.

At or shortly after this time, your key worker will help you identify priorities for your child’s program. He/she will then identify a time that is suitable to you to participate in a Planning Meeting.

The Individual Plan developed at this meeting will identify the core goals that will be focused on during the program. Your team will meet every six months to review these goals.

Individual Plan (IP) Process

Each child’s program at the ASELCC is individualised.  The centre staff work with families to develop an Individual Plan (IP) that guides the focus of your child’s program.

IPs are completed every 6 months with the first meeting occurring at the conclusion of the intake assessments.

An IP is a document that both sets out current information about a child, and looks at their future journey.  You choose some very specific goals that we will focus on for the next six months.

Your Key Worker will organise an Individual Plan meeting at a mutually convenient time.  Any person who works closely with your child is encouraged to attend (this may include grandparents, child care educators, teachers or allied health staff).

What will we discuss

We will discuss your child’s current abilities, challenges and any supports that are working.

It can help to have thought about the areas that you need the most help with, and to be feeling clear about what you would like your child to be able to do next.  Your Key Worker will go through assessment results and your child’s progress to help everyone to think about these areas.  We will ask you to think of three or four main goals that you would like everyone to focus on for the next six months.

After the meeting

Your Key Worker will type up a draft of the document.  Each person who was at the meeting will look over the draft, and when everyone is happy, we will sign it off.  Once this has occurred, everyone working with your child will be made aware of the goals, the strategies required to meet them, and how to measure progress.

IP Review

Usually we hold review IP meetings each six months. However, sometimes a child will achieve their goals more quickly or the priorities for the child need to change for some reason, so a meeting may be called sooner by any members of the child’s team (including his/her parents).

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