Satellite Services

Our Satellite program provides children and families with access to an autism specific program within their local community.

The ASELCC Satellite Program allows children to learn alongside typically developing peers within a mainstream early learning environment.

This model provides many advantages including the opportunity to access intervention close to home, the chance to learn from and with typically developing peers and to practice learning within a classroom type environment that will be similar to that required in school.

Recent research conducted by the University of Tasmania in conjunction with the ASELCC found that children attending the Satellite Program made similar gains to those attending the ASELCC’s centre based program (Stephens et al,

Satellite Centres

The ASELCC currently has a partnership with 4 mainstream childcare centres to deliver this service:

  • Circular Head Children’s Services
  • King Island Child Care Centre
  • Devonport Children’s Services – Elanora
  • Devonport Children’s Services – Malengenna

The ASELCC provides some additional resourcing to the Satellite Centre so that the early childhood educators in the mainstream childcare centre can implement the autism specific program.

This additional resourcing allows the Satellite Centre staff to develop resources, teach specific skills in small groups or if needed individually, attend meetings and liaise with the ASELCC staff.

The resourcing is usually used to “release” the lead educators in a given room in order to develop their skills, knowledge and confidence to use autism specific strategies throughout the child’s day at the Satellite Centre.

Satellite Staff Roles

The Satellite Centre Educators key role is to implement the recommendations of the ASELCC staff and to ensure that the children have the opportunity to work on their individual plan goals.  The ASELCC Key Satellite Support is a member of the ASELCC’s allied health and teaching team.

The ASELCC Key Satellite Support liaises with the Satellite Centre Educators (and other staff to differentiate their program and to ensure the child’s individual plan and associated strategies are implemented with fidelity (i.e. consistently).  The ASELCC key Satellite Support usually acts as the key worker for the children and families and as such has regular contact with families and the child’s greater support team.

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