Get Started

To be enrolled in the ASELCC, children must be pre-school aged (i.e. not yet commenced prep), and have a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder or have autism like symptoms. Eligibility criteria and priority of access guidelines can be discussed with the Autism Centre Manager.

Step 1 Initial Interview:

Upon receiving a referral, our team will make contact with your family to arrange a time to meet with you for an initial interview.  This can take place in your own home, or at another mutually convenient location.

We will discuss your child’s abilities, learning style and needs with you, and also engage with your child in play, to gain as full a picture of your child as possible.

Step 2 Orientation Visit:

We will then invite you to the satellite centre for an orientation visit.  On this visit, ASELCC staff and staff from the satellite centre will show you and your child around the centre, your child’s classroom, and the places that your child will play and learn.

We will also take a photo of your child.  We will use this photo all around the centre (e.g. on their daily timetable) and to make social stories or other learning resources to help your child learn new tasks.

At this orientation visit we will make sure all our enrolment and consent forms are completed.  Your child might be happy to play with our staff by themselves for a short time, or may like to stay with you throughout this visit.

Step 3 Key Worker:

Your child and family will be allocated a key worker during the intake period or on your child’s first day attending the ASELCC satellite program. The key worker will be one of the allied health or teaching team.

A key worker is selected based on a number of factors including who is well placed to help your child meet their main learning goals.

Your key worker:

  • Is the primary contact person for you to discuss your child and family’s needs;
  • Coordinates your child’s assessments and therapy program;
  • Coordinates goal setting meetings;
  • Visits your child regularly at the satellite centre
  • Liaises with satellite centre staff to ensure your child’s program is implemented consistently; and
  • Is available to discuss your child with other service providers, should you wish this to occur.


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