Mobility Devices

The heart of our lifestyle assistance service is StGiles Mobility Clinic.

It is a service we are proud of and it is a service that will travel to you, wherever you are in Tasmania – our allied health and engineering teams will come to you.

It offers specialist assessment, prescription, fabrication, modification, repairs and maintenance of a range of specialised and customised seating and mobility equipment.

It addresses the needs of individuals who are unable to sit comfortably, safely or without pain.

We work collaboratively with clients, caregivers and relevant persons and provide opportunities for individual choice around a range of suitable options that would meet the identified goals.

The service is completely independent and provides unbiased recommendations of equipment.

StGiles Mobility Clinic provides services from Occupational Therapists and Seating Technicians. Our Occupational Therapists have specialist clinical skills in customised seating and wheelchairs, including assessment and prescription. Seating Technicians have specialist engineering skills with comfort and well being front of mind.

What We Offer

We go to great lengths to enhance, wherever possible, people’s comfort. Firstly, we engage in a confidential consultation to gather information about an individual’s goals, equipment needs and lifestyle.

We then determine, with the client, specific individualised seating, wheelchair or equipment needs like pressure mapping for people at risk of or experiencing skin breakdown issues.

At StGiles we undertake equipment and positioning trials to determine what best suits an individual’s needs with the prescription of appropriate equipment considering individual requirements and lifestyle including a comprehensive Clinical report with recommendations.

We can do modification of mobility and seating equipment such as manual and power wheelchairs, commodes, armchairs, ergonomic chairs etc.

It’s important we conduct a regular review of clients prescribed equipment, due to any changes in their circumstances or equipment condition in which case we can repair and provide regular maintenance service, the supply of spare wheelchair parts including tyres, tubes and batteries for mobility and seating equipment.

What good is something if you can’t use it? We take time training users in the safe use and operation of the equipment and for your convenience we do itemised quoting for all equipment and work recommended. Find out more about how StGiles can assist with mobility through StGiles Mobility Clinic today.

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Paediatric Mobility Program

This Program offers young children with mobility difficulties opportunities to experience a range of powered mobility options. The program aims to mirror normal early development where a child uses movement to explore, interact, learn about their environment, and gain self confidence. Normally, this exploration starts in a child’s first year, but where developmental issues restrict mobility, this program may fill that gap, either for the short term or as an introduction to lifelong assisted mobility. Providing children with the opportunity to try powered mobility does not lock a child into a powered mobility system.

Mobility Fun Days are facilitated for children and families participating in the Powered Mobility Program, in a community setting. The inclusive nature ensures children have opportunities to use and explore powered mobility equipment in the company of their peers, siblings, friends and family, to independently explore the environment and participate at their own pace. Parents, siblings, and friends can all attend, and play and explore in an informal and fun play session.

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