Our Collaborations

Our Collaborations are about commonsense.

In the fast evolving world of disability services, StGiles knows we can work collaboratively and creatively to expand solutions to challenges as they arise.

We Can 2 Flyer

We Can Employment Accelerator – an Australian first!

Our Challenge

A 5 day program that explores your interests and translates them into potential self-employment opportunities


We Can Self Employment Accelerator is designed for people with mild disabilities and autism to explore their passions and translate this into business ideas. We then support participants to take their plan from an idea to a reality.

StGiles has partnered with illuminate Education (illuminate) to create the We Can Self Employment Accelerator that has been funded by the Australian Government through the Aus-Industry Regional Jobs and Investment Package.

Our First Programs

Our first We Can programs are being run in Launceston and on the NW Coast over the next 12 months 2018 – early 2019.

Eight to 10 places will be available in each program. Numbers are limited to ensure that all facilitators and mentors have meaningful and engaging one on one conversations with all participants.

Each program will be evaluated for continuous improvement purposes, with the structure of the program evolving throughout the project period in line with participant and facilitators feedback.

 Further information is available from Kirstybartlettclark@stgiles.org.au

Pathways to Employment

Collaboration with Migrant Resource Centre Northern Tasmania, funded by Skills Tasmania.

Our Challenge

Growing and training a disability support workforce.


In 2016 StGiles signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Migrant Resource Centre Northern Tasmania to seek funding and provide comprehensive pre-employment training for people with transferrable skills from Tasmania’s diverse migrant population.

Together we developed a 13-week training program that includes incorporating transferrable skills with contemporary disability practice and care.

So far 23 program participants have graduated from the program and the majority have been employed by StGiles to work in disability support.


Interested? Contact markdeverell@stgiles.org.au


Collaboration with Hobart City Mission, funded with significant donation from the Commercial Travellers Association of Tasmania.

Our Challenge

 Maximising business’ understanding of providing customer service to people living with disability within the expanded landscape of choice under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.


Embrace is a business-ready and comprehensive e-learning platform designed and produced by StGiles and Hobart City Mission to educate community, business, sporting organisations and schools on how to interact with people of all abilities and be inclusive of people living with disability in Tasmania.


Interested? To learn how your business could benefit from EMBRACE contact 



Visability and StGiles 

Working within a Memorandum of Understanding.


  • To work together to ensure everyone has the chance to live the life they choose.
  • To build the capacity of children’s therapy services in Tasmania
  • To strengthen the skills and expertise of our respective workforces
  • To explore innovation in service delivery
  • To complement our respective services and expertise


Interested? Contact KirstyBartlettClark@stgiles.org.au