McKellar Road – Newstead

Property Profile

Bathrooms: 2
Available Bedrooms: 1
Number of Current Residents: 3
Disability Support: Group model of Support, active night shift

Is this your new home?

McKellar Road – “It’s so inviting and spacious” – visitor.

This spacious property has been thoughtfully renovated to be disability friendly and accessible. The home features an open plan kitchen with comfortable living area. The beautiful garden invites you to socialise with friends and family in the outdoor entertaining area, help in the accessible vegetable garden or enjoy the views. The house is equipped with wi-fi throughout for streaming your favourite shows and music. Your bedroom is spacious with built-in robes and all it needs is for you to make it make it your own. Located in a quiet street, the house is close to the shops and services of Newstead, including supermarket, cafes, pharmacy and medical centre. Launceston’s CBD is a few minutes away.

Your Funding

Funding for Supported Independent Living (SIL) is required through your NDIS plan. For further information contact our Client and Family Services Team