Helpful Links & Resources

Children’s development and parenting sites

Australian parenting website

Beyond Blue - Great information on depression - Comprehensive information on paediatric brain illnesses

Playgroup Tasmania - includes toy library information

Parenting Research Centre

Aust Government Family Assistance Office

Siblings Australia

Livewire – supportive, safe, on line communities with entertainment, chat, music and games for kids and young people living with a serious illness or disability and their parents.

Royal Children’s Hospital (Melbourne)

CCCH Centre for Community Child Health

Children’s Hospital Westmead (Sydney)


Kidsafe Australia

Australian Human Rights Commission

Association for Children with a Disability

Association for Children with Disability, Tasmania

Canchild Centre for Childhood Disability Research (Canada)

Novitatech - Assistive technology for people with disability

Australian Paediatric Research Network

Website about rare conditions

Miracle Babies - This website is based in NSW and was started by parents of prem babies. Good resources for parents.

Information for parents who have a premature baby

Victorian website on prematurity

Lil' Aussie Prems

Cerebral Palsy Tasmania

Cerebral Palsy Australia

Cerebral Palsy League Queensland

Aus ACPDM - Australasian Academy of Cerebral Palsy and Departmental Medicine

The Spastic Centre NSW

Scope Victoria

Novita Children’s Service and technology service, South Australia

Autism Association of Western Australia

FaHCSIA (Aust Govt) - Helping Children With Autism program and funding

Autism South Australia

Autism Tasmania website

ASPECT – Autism Spectrum Australia (NSW)

Autism information for parents dealing with new diagnosis

Down Syndrome Association of Tasmania

Down Syndrome Society of South Australia

Speech Pathology Australia

Australian Physiotherapy Association

Occupational Therapy Australia

Australian Association of Social Workers


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