Classroom Allocation & Minimum Attendance

Classroom Allocation & Minimum Attendance

Classroom Allocation

At the ASELCC Burnie Hub, we have three classrooms, Red Room, Yellow Room and Blue Room.

While there is some exceptions, our red room for children under 3 years, and yellow and blue rooms are for children aged from 3 years. 

Children are placed in yellow or blue room according to their current stage of development and the main goals they are working on. 

Minimum Attendance for Intervention Intensity

We have a minimum attendance of 2 days per week. 

The most reliable studies suggest children with ASD need anywhere between 15 and 40 hours of therapy each week to make the best possible outcomes. 

A 2 day minimum attendance ensures that children have access to early intervention at closer to the recommended levels. 


In exceptional circumstances we will consider a one day per week enrolment, please discuss your situation with our Centre Manager.

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