Centre Fees

Centre Fees


Funding from the Department of Social Services allows us to deliver a comprehensive early intervention service for the cost of standard childcare. 

Only permanent residents can access this subsidised cost. 

Children and families on temporary visas can access the service at full fees.

 Please seefurther down for current session rates.


Government Benefits and Rebates

Standard childcare fees apply to the service. However, most families are eligible for Child Care Benefit (CCB) and/or Child Care Rebate (CCR). 

Most families whose children attend the ASELCC would be eligible for the Child Care Rebate as most will be exempt from the Work Study Test on the basis of the caring for a child with a disability.  If you are currently not receiving CCR, please talk to one of our Centre Administration team. 

CCR can be paid directly to the centre to reduce your out of pocket expenses (or paid in a lump sum to you, or claimed through your tax return). 

Speak with our Centre Manager, Kathryn, or our Administration support team for information about fees, CCB and CCR.

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More information about CCB and CCR is available at:

Weekly Rates

A weekly rate for children attending 5 days per week is available on request. If you want a quote to see the likely figure applicable to your situation, please ask our Administration support staff.


Cancellation Fees

Cancelation fees apply if you cancel on the day regardless of the reason.  You can cancel your child’s session without charge if you cancel the session by close of business the day before (e.g. by Wednesday for a Thursday session).