Assessment is a crucial part of supporting you and your child at ASELCC.  It allows us to understand your child’s needs better and to develop a program that suits his/her needs. 

Assessment also is important because it allows us to show that “what we do” works.  It will allow us to demonstrate achievements and identify ways to strengthen your child’s program, the support we provide you, as parents, and the program as a whole. 


The Assessment process involves the following steps:


See the ability within.

Contact ASELCC


The ASELCC is committed to improving the lives of all people with autism by contributing to research about autism. 

The centre is involved in a number of research studies.  The most important is an ongoing study of the effectiveness of the ASELCC program on child and family outcomes. 

We will ask you to provide consent for your child and family’s de-identified data from the intake, review and exit assessments to be used for research and evaluation purposes (i.e. to evaluate the effectiveness of our service on children with ASD and their families).  You are free to refuse for this data to be used without this affecting your child’s placement at the centre.

The ASELCC is involved in a number of other research studies. From time to time, you may be asked to participate in one of these studies.  Participation is entirely voluntary and your decision will not affect the service your child and family receive from the centre.  Each of these studies have their own information sheets and consent forms which outline the study’s aims, methods and requirements.