6 Steps to Achieving the Ability Within

Step 1 – Get the information you need

  • Visit our SERVICES pages to see what services, programs and support StGiles can offer
  • Visit our ALL AGES & STAGES page for services on offer to particular age ranges

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Step 2 – Get organised

  • You may have a number of different appointments with doctors and specialists – so start a notebook of all conversations and appointments.
  • Keep all documents together in a single folder – you will need to keep receipts, invoices, forms etc.

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Step 3 – Investigate all your funding options

Every case is unique.

StGiles can help you identify the services to meet your needs and the best funding option available for your situation.

Funding options include:

  • Medicare plans
  • Private health
  • NDIS
  • Self-funded: you can pay the full fee without any funding

Discuss which option best suits your needs

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Step 4 – Get started: StGiles NDIS Program Coordination

If you are eligible for the NDIS, it may take several months for your funding and Plan to be approved.

StGiles can assist you with NDIS plan co-ordination and management (including some or all of the funding including financial, legal and administrative requirements). 

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Step 5 – StGiles NDIS Disability Service Provider

Once you have an approved NDIS Plan, it is up to you to choose a Disability Service Provider(s).

StGiles offers an extensive range of services for both adults and children living with disability.  Our services can be tailored to meeting individual needs, delivered individually or as a package, and can change as your needs evolve.

Choosing to work exclusively with StGiles as your service provider has the following benefits:

  • 80 years of trusted service and experience
  • Ability to provide all the services you need, as well as a coordinated approach
  • Increased ease of communication between therapists and sharing of outcomes
  • Services available in the North, North-West and South of the state, with the ability to deliver services in your home or school also


See the full range of supports StGiles can provide under our SERVICES tab, or speak to our friendly and helpful staff for more information.

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If you do choose to split your services over different providers, please consider the following:

  • Ensure the provider uses evidence-based practices
  • Be clear and upfront with your service providers that you are splitting your services, and that you will require them to communicate regularly (this may incur additional charges for you) in order to coordinate therapies.

Step 6 – Start Services and Achieve the Ability Within

Many people come to us having only be told what they can’t  or won’t achieve.

At StGiles, we see the ability with.

The best outcomes are achieved when focusing on celebrating the amazing and extraordinary things they do achieve.


Start your journey to the Ability Within.

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