MACA, Government, and St.Giles partner for vehicle safety

A new online training course will be available to St.Giles therapy teams thanks to Mobility and Accessibility for Children in Australia Ltd (MACA).

Last week, MACA launched a State Government funded, online training course at St.Giles with Deputy Premier Michael Ferguson.

Deputy Premier Michael Ferguson, MACA’s Chief Executive, Helen Lindner, and St.Giles Chief of Operations Allied Health Trent McHugh during the MACA announcement at St.Giles in Newstead.

“The MACA program will build the knowledge and confidence of allied health professionals responsible for assessing and prescribing for children’s motor vehicle transport needs,’’ St.Giles Trent McHugh said.

“Children with disabilities and medical conditions often require specialised support for transport and in some cases are unable to travel in ‘off the shelf’ car seats. Health professionals work closely with families to assess children’s transport needs and prescribe appropriate strategies and vehicle restraint products,’’ Mr McHugh said.

A 2021 survey found only 16% of allied health professionals reported that they had considerable knowledge or skill in addressing car seating needs of children with disabilities and medical conditions