Sensory Processing Workshop

Parents and carers workshop

• Does your child get upset during or avoid everyday routines such as hair washing or toothbrushing?
• Are they very fussy about foods?
• Are labels on clothes bothersome?
• Do they get really upset about ‘mess’ on their hands or face?
• Do they get irritated by loud noises and noisy environments?
• Do they bump into things often but not seem to notice?
• Do they notice smells or smell objects that other people don’t?
• Or does your child just have a lot of trouble sitting still or constantly need to fidget?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, then this workshop is for you

In the session we will explore how the way we experience our senses impacts the way our children navigate daily life and learn.
The workshop will help you understand that we all have different ways of experiencing the 5 senses.
We will discover the other less known ‘hidden’ senses and learn how the unique way we process our world through our senses shapes our preferences, participation, mood and behaviour.
You will gain knowledge to identify your child’s sensory profile and learn strategies to adapt to their sensory preferances and challenges.

Upcoming Workshop Dates:

  • December 12th 2022 10am-12pm
  • February 22nd 2023 10am-12pm
  • March 9th 2023 6pm-8pm

Location: St.Giles Lenah Valley

Contact us: To RSVP and for pricing and further details about this program.

1300 278 445