Supported Accommodation Opportunity – Launceston

We’re looking for someone to share our supported accommodation in a lovely house in Newstead.

We are brother and sister, NDIS participants living together and looking for another housemate. We have 24-hour support, with a sleepover shift overnight.

St. Giles is the Supported Independent Living Provider.

Our housemate will need to have Supported Independent Living in their NDIS plan. 

About us: 

I am a 32-year-old man living with cerebral palsy and an intellectual disability. I communicate verbally, I am vision impaired.

I am a friendly and social person, I enjoy going out to music shows, sports games and especially enjoy my weekly trivia night. I like listening to music, researching and playing Hangman on my computer and watching TV. 

I am 25-year-old women living with cerebral palsy quadriplegia. I communicate with my facial expression and moving my head, smiling, and blinking my eyes. I am very happy and social and enjoy being around people and involved in conversations. I love listening to music and going out to listen to live music at concerts and shows.

We have a strong relationship with our family, and often speak with them on the phone and visit them at their house. We love to have BBQ’s and parties on special occasions and will often invite our family and friends from next door and other supported accommodation homes.

We are keen to share with anyone, providing that it is a good match!

You need to be happy to share communal spaces (lounge room, kitchen, yard, and bathroom) with us, you will have your own bedroom. There is also a room and bathroom for staff.   

About the costs:

You will need to contribute to rent, groceries, utilities, transport arrangements and any individual costs that you identify including furnishing your bedroom.

Want to know more?

You or your Support Coordinator should contact St Giles Client and Family Services Team (Janet Martin) on 6345 7308 or via to let them know that you are keen to be our housemate.