Important Update: COVID and St.Giles 13-12-21

Dear St Giles Community,

I am writing to provide you with an update about our response to managing COVID-19.

Given that we provide allied health and disability services to some participants and families who are vulnerable, St.Giles is taking a proactive approach to reducing the risks of COVID-19 infection in our sites.

We have tried to balance practicality with safety for our staff, participants and visitors.

From December 15:

You will notice some changes that will affect all visitors attending our sites.

All visitors to our sites will be asked to fill out a form on arrival which asks the following questions:

  • Are you vaccinated?
  • Do you have any COVID-19 symptoms?
  • Have you been to any high risk locations or premises?
  • Have you been asked to isolate or quarantine by Public Health?

You will also be asked to provide evidence of your vaccination. The following forms of evidence will be accepted as proof of vaccination against COVID-19;

  • Check-In Tas App – Green Tick
  • an Australian Govt COVID-19 vaccination certification, or
  • an Immunisation History Statement recorded on the Australian Immunisation Register.

Why does St Giles want information about COVID-19 vaccination status?

Understanding the vaccination status of our participants and visitors is an important part of helping us plan how to safely continue providing quality services.  We will not be storing this private information and so you will need to provide it each time you attend St.Giles.

What if I do not want to provide my vaccination status?

You do not have to provide evidence of your vaccination status if you choose not to. If you choose not to provide this information we will consider ongoing support and service provision as though you are unvaccinated.

IMPORTANTKeeping people safe

To ensure the safety of our staff, participants and visitors (aged 12 years and over) to our main sites will need to be fully vaccinated or have a medical exemption.

Current participants and carers who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 must contact us before attending an appointment.  Your St Giles staff member will discuss service options with you to make sure that we can minimise risks for you and all our staff, participants and visitors. 

Please also be aware that our staff will be wearing masks and in some situations eye protection when attending appointments or meetings with participants, carers and visitors.

We ask that all St.Giles visitors (aged 12 years and over) wear masks.

Where possible we ask that visitors provide their own masks and encourage children aged 5 – 11 years to also wear a mask. 

There might be some situations where we ask visitors to wear a surgical mask – if this is required St Giles will provide you with a surgical mask.

When our allied health staff provide services in homes or community settings (i.e. schools, child and family centres) the above processes and guidelines will also apply.


  • Ensure your contact details are up to date so we can contact you at short notice 
  • DO NOT ATTEND face to face sessions if you have any cold or flu symptoms, even if very mild (you will be asked to immediately leave the premises)
  • Follow our Check-In Tas process
  • Follow 1.5 metre physical distancing rules
  • Use hand sanitiser on arrival and follow cough etiquette
  • Do not bring any unnecessary visitors into the building (including siblings) and if you’re early to an appointment please wait in your car until a few minutes before the appointment time.   

Our aim is to do everything we can to reduce the chance of a positive case attending St.Giles.  In case of a COVID-19 exposure at our sites however, our COVID-19 response team will follow directions from Public Health.  This may include a brief closure to enable cleaning. Where possible, clinicians who must quarantine or isolate will continue to provide services via telehealth.

Please help us support our entire St Giles community by following the above requirements. We will continue to update you with further information as we can.

If you have further questions or concerns, you can ask a St Giles staff member, a member of our friendly customer service team, or you can ask to speak with a manager.

Your sincerely

Andrew Billing – Chief Executive

13 December 2021