The Good Game Holiday Club

Group sessions for children aged 7-10

Board games are a social interest.
Games range from basic ‘roll and count’ play to complex strategy, territory building and role play.

In this group, children will learn some simple table or board game skills to develop interest in and underlying skills for more complex games.
Game types will initially include examples of deck builder, roll and move, dexterity, engine builder and cooperative games depending on the interests, experience and capacity of the players.

Board Games are a way to learn shared attention, rules and planning.
In the context of table games, children can practice many cognitive and social skills such as sharing and turn taking, waiting, impulse control, negotiation and regulation of emotions .

Table games are a way to practice these skills in a relaxed and fun way.

When: Monday 10 – Friday 14 Janurary

Session times: 9.30am – 10:45am

Location: St.Giles Lenah Valley

RSVP: December 16 – Bookings Essential

Contact us for more information:

6238 1888