Move & Play Group

Group sessions for children aged 6 months to 20 months who have gross motor challenges and haven’t started walking yet. This group requires a physiotherapist assessment prior to commencement

The purpose of the group is to use a variety of movement activities within play to meet the individual movement goals of each child. Parents will learn skills to help support development of their child’s motor skills in preparation for walking. This will include but is not limited to; rolling, sitting, crawling, pulling to stand and cruising. Parents will be required to assist their child through the activities with guidance and demonstrations from the therapists. We ask that you please make alternative arrangements for the care of other siblings, in order for you to work with and support your child.

Location: St.Giles Launceston

Contact us for pricing, session dates and further details about this program.

Contact: Paige Walters
03 6345 7333