Calm Alert & Happy

Parent Education Workshop

Tuesday November 23rd 9.30am-11.30am

Some children struggle with ‘controlling’ their emotions and behaviour more than others.

Why is it some children are ‘easy going’ and others have so much difficulty managing changes, challenges or emotions like frustration or fear?

Paying attention, waiting or just sitting still may also be very difficult for these children.

The ability to navigate challenges and big emotions involves a skill called self regulation.

Self-regulation is a developmental skill just like walking and talking. It needs practice and comes more easily to some children than to others.

Learning to self-regulate means we can better manage our energy states, emotions and behaviours in ways that are socially acceptable, and which support our learning and promote good relationships with others.

Self-regulation lays a foundation for a child’s long-term physical, psychological, behavioural, social and educational wellbeing.

Understanding the concept of regulation is essential for parents navigating their child’s challenging behaviours and meltdowns.

When: Tuesday November 23rd 9.30am-11.30am

Location: St.Giles Lenah Valley

RSVP via:

1300 278 445