Drama: Junior Ensemble


Junior Ensemble: Open to Ages 8-14 years.

The junior ensemble is a performance training course that focuses on drama, singing and movement.
Our junior ensemble artists are taught by professional artists and supported by St Giles staff to build confidence and skills in performing. Drama training is training for life, as it builds social skills in communication and improvisation. It increases the individual’s self-confidence and provides a sense of achievement and validation. The junior ensemble work to accompany the senior ensemble in productions and other public performances. These performances are optional, as we know that public performances are daunting and we are open to those who only wish to be take part.

When: Wednesday afternoon (during a school term) 4 pm to 5 pm

Where: St.Giles Amy Road, Launceston.

Contact: gerardlane@studiospacetheatreco.org.au