ChatBook is a fun, interactive group for adults with a disability that uses the senses to support engagement in reading, activities and communication.
ChatBook is accessible to all and is especially suited to participants who may need a gentle or unhurried approach to learning and engaging actively or who cannot access other activities.
This group is designed to help participants to become actively involved in the story and build on the story with activities and communication exercises on the same theme for learning and skill building.
ChatBook takes participants on a journey to explore a range of experiences all designed to engage the senses of sight, sound, touch, smell and motion.
This can help make learning and engaging easier and more successful over time.

Time: Tuesdays 4pm-4:45pm

Date: 8 sessions, Weekly from October 19th

RSVP: Tuesday October 12

Location: St.Giles Lenah Valley

Contact: 6238 1888