Maglia Nera back on the bike for StGiles

Maglia Nera cycling tours have again laid down the challenge of circumnavigating Tasmania to raise funds for StGiles.

With COVID-19 travel restrictions in place, the team set about making sure their November charity ride could go ahead however possible.

Yvette Fuser, Director of Maglia Nera Tours said: “Whilst COVID-19 forced us to cancel all tours running this year, we were not willing to let the Tasmania Circumnavigation not happen. This has become an annual pilgrimage for our staff,  who donate close to two weeks of their time running the event.

Local riders can complete a self-guided lap of the state in person, interstate and international riders are able to complete a virtual lap while a new section for non-riding Tasmanian juniors will launch in December.

“We have partnered with the lovely generous souls from the Australian made, GoCycle App who have developed a whole new section for charity events such as ours, to run virtual challenges.  This year, those located in Tasmania can self-guide themselves through the route; those outside of Tasmania (anywhere in the world) can virtually ride; then in December, we kick off the Junior non-riding event, with more details coming soon.” Ms Fuser said.

Team Maglia Nera setting out for the November 2019 ride.

Maglia Nera Tours is a cycling tour operator who runs road, mountain bike and gravel tours around the world with a clear motto of ‘you don’t need to come first to be a winner’

The Maglia Nera ‘Black Jersey’ was awarded to the final rider in the Giro d’ Italia between 1946 and 1951, becoming an extremely prestigious award as it gave the rider automatic entry into the following years Giro. The Maglia Nera was eventually excluded because riders were beginning to focus on methods of ‘hiding’ in order to arrive at the finish line before the maximum cut-off.

The Tasmania Circumnavigation 100% Charity Ride was first destined to be a commercial tour which would add the series of popular ‘circumnavigation’ tours which have been running for several years, including exotic locations such as Sardinia (Italy), Corsica (France) and Majorca (Spain).

Maglia Nera’s Tasmania Circumnavigation runs from Saturday 7th November through to Sunday 29th November. For more details about the event, visit the Tasmania Circumnavigation website.