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World of Giving

Giving is a big word here at StGiles. It’s ongoing. And all encompassing. From our team of dedicated care givers, our tireless volunteer givers, to our extended community of philanthropic and corporate givers that contribute to the over all wellbeing toward our World of Giving. All in all helping our ongoing commitment to providing support and services that StGiles have enjoyed over 75 years. Historically, children with various levels of disabilities have required specialised therapy and rehabilitation within Tasmania. You can help continue that legacy making a positive difference through regular monthly contributions, Bequests and in memory gifts, or participating in our annual fundraisers and events. Become a corporate sponsor or volunteer. It's fun, rewarding and tax deductible.

Regular Giving

A regular monthly gift is the most effective way you can help StGiles now and in years to come. A regular donation each month helps us to plan ahead and start to prepare how we can continue our work to help enhance the lives of hundreds of people living with a disability. If a regular donation is too much of a commitment a one-off donation provides the critical support we need to keep on keeping on. When you make a donation you inheritally become part of the StGiles family in the knowledge that you have helped each month changing lifes day-by-day, for years and years. You can see the effect it has often in more ways than one. Giving implores a ripple effect, on our organisation, on the lives of family and friends and inspires a positive difference to others each and every day. As well as being a simple way to make a life-changing difference to the lives of children with disabilities and their families, monthly gifts from a credit card or bank account, are lowcost to process, allowing maximum possible funds go directly to enriching lives and promoting the ability within us all. We need your support.

Help us by donating today!

Volunteers and Partners

StGiles welcomes volunteers from all backgrounds, recognising the varied skills and abilities they bring. You can gain new skills, make new friends and have fun, while enjoying the sense of reward that comes from making a difference to the lives of children with a disability. From fundraising, helping with day-to-day activities or simply participating in an event, your time is extremely valuable to us. As much as one individual can make a difference, imagine the ability within a business can produce with many hands and corporate support. There are many benefits and ways a business can contribute to partner with us at StGiles. Corporate Donations, Fundraising and Employee Engagement, Workplace Giving and Matched Donations or simply donate Gift-In-Kind. In these ways, and more every way helps, and are often just the start. We see improved team work and morale and a proudness in achievement making a difference that people share with friends and family. And just like that, we all see the ability within.

Bequests and Gifts

We recognise leaving a bequest in a Will to StGiles is one of the most important and compassionate contributions made by an individual or family. It has long lasting, profound effect and touches many lives whilst retaining a wonderful legacy. The main types of bequest include Percentage, you can make provision for a percentage of your entire estate. Residuary bequest, after making provision for your family and loved ones, you can choose to give part or the balance of your estate set amount, you can nominate a specific amount of money. Specific items such as property, shares and life insurance. Whole estate, you can leave your entire estate. A gift in memory to StGiles is a lasting tribute to the memory of a loved one who has passed away. It is also a meaningful alternative to sending flowers and gives family and friends the opportunity to support the work of StGiles. Please remember us when considering your Will.

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